Identity Fraud

On its official website, the U.S. Department of Justice (the DOJ) defines identity theft and identity fraud as all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. After obtaining the information, the perpetrator uses it to open […]

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Travel Expense Fraud Schemes

So many companies complain about those employees commit fraud during a business trip. Usually, middle-level supervisors commit this kind of fraud. Here are examples of common travel fraud schemes:

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Charity Fraud

Cooperations and individuals making charitable donations to charities face the risk of charity fraud. Some of the non-profits spend most of their income on marketing, executive salaries and other administrative expenses. To protect yourself and your organization from charity fraud, always do some reserach before donating to charity. The following measures should be taken into […]

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